Although Kim Hong-do is a well known painter of the Joseon era, many people only know his genre paintings. Contrary to general opinion, Kim mastered all types of painting as well as calligraphy, Chinese and Korean poetry, and music. This book contains five years’ worth of research material, introduces fifty new items, and retranslates existing material. As a result we are able to shed new light on Kim Hong-do, a man who dearly loved his friends and drinking; who was honest, warm-hearted and devoted to his family; and a man all too vulnerable in the face of illness and death. This book paints a portrait of one of Korea’s greatest artists, Kim Hong-do.

The Art of Kim Hong-Do Paperback – January 1, 2005 – $ 14.40 Paperback – List $40

by Oh Ju-seok

Who is Gim Hong-Do ?

Gim Hongdo (김홍도, born 1745, died 1806?-1814?), also known as Kim Hong-do, most often styled Danwon (단원), was a full-time painter of the Joseon period of Korea. He was together a pillar of the establishment and a key figure of the new trends of his time, the ‘true view painting’. Gim Hong-do was an exceptional artist in every field of traditional painting, even if he is mostly remembered nowadays for his depictions of the everyday life of ordinary people, in a manner analogous to the Dutch Masters. Visit Wikipedia

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