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  • While Cuba Waits : Art From the Nineties


    Framed by the “Periodo Especial”—the period of economic and political upheaval that has followed the failure of perestroika—the work of artists living in Cuba in the nineties emerges from the unique ambiguity, complexity, energy, and desperation that characterize daily life in Cuba. While Cuba Waits explores the ethics, cynicism, and ideologies of these young artists in the context of their political, social, and economic environments. Includes painting, sculpture, and installation work by Pedro Álvarez, Saidel Brito, Carmen Cabrera, Sandra Ceballos, Henry Erik Hernández, Luis Gómez, Yalili Mora, René Peña, Douglas Perez, Ezequiel Suárez, and José Vincench. Edited by Kevin Power and Pilar Perez, with essays by Lupe Álvarez, Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda, and Kevin Power.