Hallwylska Silversamlingen / The Hallwyl Collection of Silver


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HALLWYLSKA SILVERSAMLINGEN/ The Hallwyl Collection of Silver by Cassel-Pihl, Eva Helena, Kersti Holmquist & Marie Jansson-Lohse, eds Sweden 1999. Wilhemina von Hallwyl was a dedicated collector with a very wide range of collecting interests. This book documents her expansive international silver collection displayed in the Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm. The most important components of the collection include the beakers and spoons, a group of ecclesiastical art objects, utility items, personal articles from the Hallwyl family, as well as the collectionions glories: a bowl from 1558, one of the oldest dated silver objects in Sweden; a teapot, a masterpiece made in 1720 by Andreas Lorentzon Wall; as well as a dish made in 1651 by the Dutch goldsmith Johannes Lutma. Gorgeous photographs supplement this catalog of nearly 800 items, from Sweden, Germany, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Siebengurgia, Czechoslovakia, and Austria. Includes an index of masters., Swedish/ English, Year1999, Illust. B/W187, Illust. Color33, ISBN9163081210, Gilded with grey velvet hardbound cover/ leather spine, In Pristine Condition, Index. Bibl. Pages311, Size11 1/2″x 8 1/2″

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