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“HIBINO EXPO 2005 – Katsuhiko Hibino’s One-man Exposition” was held at Art Tower Mito in the summer of 2005. Focus has been placed on the images and sensibilities that emerge from the slight changes in our casual everyday lives and the accumulation of daily experiences. The exhibition was mainly composed of the representative works produced by 20 years of Hibino¬ís artistic activities, such as cardboard installations and many workshops. Photographer Yuji Takeuchi documented the whole process of the exhibition, in which he captured the faces of people involved with expectation, anxiety and hope of unknown. The book shows not only the possibility of new relationships between art and community, but also a new phase of the artist Katsuhiko Hibino. Painting : Katsuhiko Hibino Photograph : Yuji Takeuchi Specifications : / 448 pages Published : 2006 ISBN : 4-89815-169-8

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