Lavender/Faile: Military Death/Love Ltd. Ed. silk screen (Lavender, 1 of 6 cover only 50 printed)


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On their various travels Faile have met and been inspired by many talented artists, designers and photographers: Lavender is a compilation of contemporary talent from twelve different countries and every artist involved was asked to create work based on their associations with lavender. Five unique covers versions silk screened in our warehouse are available, these are available in very limited quantities. Approximately 50 of each cover. This is a rare opportunity to offer your customers a special limited edition silk screened Lavender by Faile. Faile are: Patrick McNeil from Canada, Aiko Nakagawa from Japan and Patrick Miller from the US. The book has an introduction by visual artist and editor Devon Dikeou (zingmagazine); short stories by underground writer Griffin Creech and also includes a music cd. Contributing artists and designers (e.g. cult street artist Shepard Fairy) have worked in black and white and/or various shades of purple. Complete with great original music CD! Lavender’s Greatest Hits Tracks: 1.) Candles, by Ciao 2.) Dream by Tiffany Randol and Primadonna 3.) What is the Function, by Mommy and Daddy 4.) Phone call, by Robot Repair 5.) Plague/Protector, by Robot Repair 6.) Phone call, by Pima 7.) 12 Step Amethysts, by Rhiannon and Primadonna 8.) Sleeper Transmission 49, by Like Sleepwalker 9.) Center of the Earth, by Ghost Exits 10.) Disguise, by Mommy and Daddy 11.) JMH, by Ciao 12.)Somnambulist in the City, by Gregory Cage 13.) In the Boys, by Brooke Baxter and Primadonna 14.) phone call, by Kienyo says ISBN: 3-89955-036-6 140 pages, 8″ x 10″ hardcover This limited edtion series is sure to sell out quickly.

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