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A compilation from the exhibition “lonely planet” at Art Tower Mito (ATM) in 2004. Artworks, produced by 14 artists around the world, heighten our consciousness towards basic human desires and feelings, life and death, and the self and the world, thereby arousing the inherent power of our feelings, cognizance, intuition, and thinking. The images, photographs, paintings and installations illustrate various aspects of the real world and human beings swirling and wreathing around on our lonely planet, floating through the vastness of space. Through the presentation of various points of view of the featured artists, it challenges us to revisit and revise our outlook of the world in which we all live. The featured artists are, Jake & Dinos Chapman (UK), Tony Oursler (USA), Yael Bartana (Israel), Rineke Dijkstra (Netherlands), Bill Viola (USA), Nick Relph & Oliver Payne (UK), Makoto Aida (Japan), Chiho Aoshima (Japan), Kou Inose (Japan), Izumi Kato (Japan), Rinko Kawauchi (Japan), Shinako Sato (Japan). Design: Tatsuya Ariyama ISBN: 4-89815-121-3 Pages: 152 Dimensions: 30x23cm Binding: Soft cover Publication year: 2004

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