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Description: Closing warehouse purchase, rare sales sample from Japan. artist,Illustrator, designer and director. Since early 90’s, Moshino has always been heavily involved in Japanese club scene. He organized parties, draw illustrations for club flyers, created motion graphics to VJ. He is the forerunner of using adobe illustrator’s Bezier curve line into illustrations. Then, he worked with international musicians in various genres (Jazz, hip hop, abstract) such as United Future Organization, DJ Krush, Monday Michiru, Mondo Grosso, Audio Active, Alex Patterson (the Orb) and created Record sleeves, Posters, etc. Then, in 1998, Moshino worked on Nike Basket Ball “URBAN ATTACK”campaign . He was in charge of character design and illustration. This campaign took place in North America and Italy. 1999-2000, He worked on Nike’s “Player’s Delight” campaign. He was in charge of animation for TVCM, character design, illustration for all print, and also record sleeves for limited vinyl. This campaign took place in Japan, All Asia and North America. In 2001, he designed micro-wave for Toshiba (japanese home electronics company). Also, Moshino designed Entertainment Robot (Robot-pet) Aibo for Sony. Currently, He works on art work for CDs, Advertising, Music Clips, TVCM, Package Design, Judge for Canon Digital Creators Contest. Moshion works in all over the place. Even he gets offer from Big corporation from all over the world, he still draw illustrations for club flyers, VJ, write graffiti, and does live painting performances because that is his roots. Bookseller Inventory # 4794966806

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